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TIM GAO,上海时尚与商业摄影师,上海时装周官方摄影师,有与国际知名 4A 如 McCann 广告公司,制片公司,团队协作完成中大型商业平面广告创意,制作,执行,拍摄,及后期输出经验。

作品及采访发表于国内外媒体及杂志,包括 ELLE (CHINA), 时尚芭莎, YOHO!GIRL, OnlyLady女人志, 新浪时尚, Style TV, YOKA时尚, 海报网, PCLady太平洋时尚网, 华丽志, 德国 Leica Camera, 英国 TRIP Magazine, 德国 KALTBLUT Magazine, 美国 ANON Magazine , 法国 Eclectic Magazine, 瑞士 Hoop Doop Magazine 等。

Tim Gao is a full-time fashion photographer based in Shanghai. He shoots both digital and analogue photography for portraits in straightforward and experimental approach, being fascinated about making creative and yet haunting photographs with enchanting beauty and emotion.

Tim Gao’s photographic works have been featured and interviewed on print magazines and online platforms such as ELLE (CHINA), Harper’s BAZAAR (CHINA), YOHO!GIRL (CHINA), YOKA (CHINA), Style TV (CHINA), Leica Camera (Germany),TRIP Magazine (UK), KALTBLUT Magazine (Germany), ANON Magazine (USA), Eclectic Magazine (France), among others.


1. Shanghai / Oriental Fashion Project

As a Shanghai-based photographer, Tim Gao has been exploring and documenting Shanghai for over 9 years. One of his next long-term projects is to seek collaborations with models, fashion designers and stylists, trying to create a series of portrait photographs with his understanding and introspection of what does Shanghai mean to him. The metropolitan Shanghai will be dissected and examined either as a physical shooting backdrop or as an emotional concept, in a documentary and experimental manner.

2. Editorial/Commercial assignments

For tailored photographic projects of Fashion /Commercial / Campaign / Advertising / Lookbook  / Lifestyle photography, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

3. Model testing

Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you.